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A court session begins when the court bailiff raps for order. Everyone in the courtroom should rise. The Judge will take his or her place on the bench and the court bailiff will then announce the opening of court. A similar procedure is used when court adjourns. Please be patient and wait for your name to be called. Once you have been summoned to the bench, you may approach the podium before the judge.
Be on time and stay in the courtroom until your name is called. Everyone is asked to be quiet and respectful when conducting court business. Disruptive behavior such as talking, laughing, shouting or creating other loud disturbances will not be tolerated. The security staff may remove offenders from the building and the judge may hold violators in contempt of court. Stand with proper posture when you speak and when the judge speaks to you. Address the judge as “Your Honor”. Do not use slang unless it is a direct quote from the evidence stated as testimony. Bring pertinent paperwork relevant to your charge(s). Always pass all documents to the court bailiff. Never directly approach the judge’s bench. If you do not understand a part of the procedure, please ask for an explanation from the court security staff.
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