The four Courts that hold sessions in Cleburne County are the Quorum Court, Circuit Court, District Court and County Court.

Quorum Court


Quorum Court is the legislative body for Cleburne County Government. The Court is made up of 11 Justices of the Peace who are elected from 11 single member districts in Cleburne County. The County Judge presides over the Quorum Court meetings. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the 1st floor Courtroom of the Courts Building that is located at 922 S 9th Street in Heber Springs. For more information regarding Quorum Court, please refer to the County Judge's website www.cleburnecountyar.com



Circuit Court


Circuit Court hears felony criminal cases, all juvenile matters other than traffic offenses, probate matters, civil cases and domestic relations (divorce/child custody).


Circuit Court consists of four divisions presided over by four circuit judges who regularly hold Court in Cleburne County. The Circuit Judges preside in the five counties of Cleburne, Independence, Stone, Izard and Fulton County. Circuit Court is regularly held in the 2nd floor Courtroom of the Court Building located at 922 South 9th Street Heber Springs. Court may also be held in the 1st floor Courtroom or in the Courtroom at the Courthouse located at 301 West Main Street in Heber Springs. A sign board is posted daily in the entrance of the Courts Building that directs patrons where Court is being held. Circuit Court records are maintained by the Circuit Clerk's Office located at the Courthouse at 301 West Main Street.

District Court


District Court hears traffic violations, misdemeanor criminal cases, city ordinance violations and game and fish violations, civil cases, where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000.00 and small claims cases where the amount in controversy is less than $5,000.00. District Court has one Judge that presides over the Court. The Judge is a State District Court Judge. District Court is held in four locations.


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County Court


County Court has jurisdiction in matters relating to county taxes, trade and commerce, transportation and natural resources. County Court is presided over by the County Judge, who is the chief executive officer of the county. County Court sessions are held at the County Judge's Office at 300 West Main (Old Cleburne County Bank Building) or in the 1st floor Courtroom of the Courts Building located at 922 S 9th Street in Heber Springs.