Jurisdiction & Departments of District Court

Matters are heard based on location, subject matter and dollar amount in controversy.


District Court exercises jurisdiction over traffic violations, misdemeanor criminal cases, city ordinance violations and game and fish violations, civil cases where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000.00 and small claims cases where the amount in controversy is less than $5,000.00.


The Cleburne County District Court consists of five (5) Departments, which are: Cleburne County, Heber Springs, Greers Ferry, Concord and Quitman.


The Cleburne County Department hears civil, small claims, criminal, violations and traffic cases.


The Heber Springs, Greers Ferry, Concord and Quitman departments hear criminal, violations and traffic cases that are filed in its department

How to find out where your case is located

You should refer to your copy of the citation/ticket or other court documents you have received to determine in which department your matter is pending. You may contact the Court Clerk of that department to find the amount (fines & cost) of your citation/ticket if the ticket does not state, "MUST APPEAR". If your citation/ticket or court papers state that you, "MUST APPEAR," then you must appear at that Court location on the date and time set where the Judge will make a determination regarding the amount of fines and other possible punishment.


If your ticket/citation does not state "MUST APPEAR," and you do not want to appear in Court you can make arrangements to pay your ticket/citation with the department prior to your court date.

If my case is not in District Court, where is it pending?

If a court case is pending and it has not been filed in District Court, it may be filed in Cleburne County Circuit Court. Inquiries about filing can be made at the Cleburne County Circuit Clerk's Office that is located at 301 West Main Street, Heber Springs.

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