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Cleburne County District Court strives to provide prompt, courteous and accessible services. This Court is dedicated to ensuring equal justice in the resolution of matters within its jurisdiction. 


- Judge Lance Wright

The Cleburne County District Court is resuming in-person court proceedings on May 19, 2020. Court participants will be required to wear protective face covering.  Please bring your own face covering to your court proceeding.  If you have any health concerns or question please contact the department where your case is pending.  If your case involves a minor violation it may be possible to handle your case without your physical appearance in court.  Please contact the Clerk’s Office where your case is set.


Heber Springs Department - (501) 362-6585 & (501)362-3426

Quitman Department  - (501) 589-3312

Concord Department- (870) 668-3315

Greers Ferry Department- (501) 825-7172    

Note: Court dates are subject to change. Please confirm your court date with the court clerk.


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The Court uses these videos/presentations during some of the first appearance/arraignment sessions for criminal and traffic court. Click on the link to view the video to learn more about the judicial process.

  1. Your Rights as a Defendant and Court Procedures

  2. General Information & Frequently Asked Questions


In 2014 county created a program called the Cleburne County Community Work Program. This program is overseen by the County Judge with the goal of improving the beauty of our county by utilizing court ordered community service. The program also provides an opportunity to work non-violent inmates in our County's jail. The program's focus is on cleaning our roads, streets and highways and providing community service to many of our great community organizations.


The Community Work Program provides services to numerous non-profit organizations within the County. If you would like to have your organization considered for this program, please contact the Cleburne County Community Work Program Supervisor at 501-206-6142 or the District Court Probation Officer at 501-362-3426

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